Sunday, November 19, 2006

We have them!

Tis done. We've selected and met and told our girls - you could probably hear the shrieks of joy from them whereever you are!
I am exhausted, they are exhausted - they were up until gone 11 last night doing activities and then they were hauled up again at 6am this morning. We were running activities until 11 last night, then we had to de-brief those sessions and touch base on today's activities so it was 12 by the time we were done, 1am by the time we got to bed and I dread to think what time it was by the time Sarah stopped talking..... Bless her, I love her dearly but she is a real night owl and I am easily led astray except I haven't got the sticking power or the stamina to cope the next day. So I am ready for my bed.....
They're a nice group - when I saw the list I was happy straight off with who we had on our trip. They'll all be at least 15 by the time we go and they've nearly all had some international experience before. So, that's reassuring for us - I swear, some of them have more experience than me!
I think they'll gel together as a group fantastically by the time we go and they'll be in floods at parting when we get back. It was so interesting to meet the international groups from this years trips on Saturday - they were so much more confident and grown up. You could just see the differences. Our girls will learn so much from it - I wish I wasn't so scared about it all.
Must sleep - have to work tomorrow!

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kim said...

It sounds like it was a good time and a great diversion for you!