Monday, November 27, 2006

The big 100

Hey, yesterday was my 100th post!
I didn't even notice!
Howzat?!I didn't even know until now that there was a "Colossal Meal Replacement Bar" called the Big100 - but now I do! And so do you!

Actually, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "Colossal Meal Replacement Bar" - and I'm really impressed that it's colossal.....I'd hate it to be all minuscule! ;) It's too bad I shall never be a muscle-bound babe now - no weight-lifting for me - all that lymphoedema fear and caution, you know.... So, I'll never have occasion to eat a Big100 - shame, they come in tempting flavours too: Apple pie, cookie dough, graham cracker - don't you just want to be a weight-lifter type person now?

Actually, to digress, that's one of the things you can't get in this country: Graham crackers (or plain Cheerios, or Annie's Mac 'n' Cheese - or Bernie Bunny as we refer to it in our household) Seems so silly, doesn't it? I also miss serious ice cream flavours - black raspberry, maple walnut, peppermint stick....mmmmm - yum. Also, no one here knows what jimmies are. And you can't get a raspberry-lime rickey. I must stop now - I'm getting a sugar high without having even eaten these things......

mmmmm - ice cream - what's your favourite flavour?

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Snoskred said...

Green Apple Sorbet ;)