Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sailing, sailing....

I'm watching me some Coast -I do love this programme - it's so fascinating. All about the coast, it's formation, it's wildlife, the people who live around the coast of the UK.

I do love the sea - the sea, not the ocean. The ocean made me very sick when we sailed across the Atlantic in December when I was about 11. On the Queen Elizabeth II, no less.
It was very luxurious but that's kind of beside the point when you can't leave your cabin because you keep vomiting. My brother spectacularly threw up in a potted plant as well as over the side. I just threw up in the cabin - I was obviously practising for chemotherapy.... Wow. That is so odd - to think of myself as that child and to know think that that child was going to get cancer. My dad didn't feel so hot either. On the other hand, my mother, who loathes flying, was perfectly fine and enjoying herself. She was known to come back into the cabin saying things like 'the waves are coming up to the top deck!' - really? Well, that's exactly what it feels like - funny that!
It was so rough that the first night out of Southampton they had to empty the water out of the indoor swimming pool because there were waves *inside* the ship.....
The dreadful thing was the fact that you couldn't escape it. It's the same with all nausea, I know - but it's so hideous.

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Kim said...

I'm more like your mother...would much rather be on a boat (I thankfully have never been seasick and I love the ocean) than on a plane. Ironically enough, the two times I've flown to England, I had my doctor prescribe Valium. My fear of flying is incredible.