Saturday, November 25, 2006

Buy Nothing!

Ooh - today's post early!! Don't get discombobulated! Since I head off back to the land of DIAL-UP again shortly I thought I'd post now - much more civilised.
Today holds a trip to that bastion of Swedish design - yes, IKEA.....
We need to order more kitchen parts since they've skimped on the number of cabinets and the like in the kitchen - V. POOR!
We also need to head to John Lewis for a new TV - the old one has finally kicked the bucket. Or, rather, is driving us mad with its turning itself off repeatedly and having a picture that resembles a striped deckchair. Bye bye TV! Do TV's have a happy hunting ground??
Oh, and I do yearn for a new, fantastic, enormous bed....ahh, space while I sleep - bliss....
All of this on 'Buy Nothing Day' Whoops. Perhaps we'll just look.

Oh - and it's a playing with babies day - yay! I get to meet my best friend's daughter for the first time this afternoon - she's 3 weeks old....more bliss.

Have a happy (non-shopping) day, y'all

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