Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lack of pictures

Today I am attempting a knitting post - if I can get the blinking pictures off my miniscule and rather pathetic camera, that is.

OK - so that is what I was going to do - but the computer refuses to find the camera - I loathe you, computer! I wish you to know this - ::deep loathing::
And I was going to show you the sweet little baby sweater I've just about finished - it's just waiting for a zipper since I decided I didn't like the toggle button fastenings from the pattern. It has a hood - very sweet. And is destined for Ffion - my best friends 2 week old daughter; who I have yet to meet since she's all the way away in Wales.... :( Hopefully I'll see her before Christimas though - I do want to see her while she's still little. I missed her birth by a matter of days since I was visiting the day before my friend's waters broke - Ffion decided to make an early appearance - by two weeks. She's obviously a performer, like her parents! ;)

Ah well, that's it for today since I've been scuppered and have wasted all this time faffing around with the camera - it's bedtime and then some!

Night night

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kim said...

Well, though I can't see it, the baby sweater sounds adorable! I hope you see her while it still fits as they grow so fast!

"faffing". I laughed when I read that. My husband never used it, but his friend, Ade, when he came over here to visit us, introduced me to it and I use it all the time with the kids...because they don't know what it stands for!