Sunday, November 26, 2006

Love 'n' stuff

Well, well, well, (the three holes in the ground...) 5 days left to the end of NaBloPoMo. I think I'm going to make it - they definitely haven't all been terribly scintilating posts; but I have got into a bit of a habit and I think that's a good thing: even if I'm talking to just about no-one.
People whizz by but don't stop - I'm not surprised; it's not a thrilling blog full of my exploits; it's not a 'baby blog' full of fuzzy photos and it does include the word 'cancer' fairly prominently on the first page which does tend to scare people away.
I don't blame people who run away from things cancer-related. Cancer *is* scary - we're all afraid of it really, I think. It's something living in us; threatening our very being and we aren't even aware that it's there for a while. If that isn't scary then I don't know what is. But we exist - people with cancer, people who've had cancer - we exist; and that cancer is part of who we've become and it's hard to ignore or pretend that it isn't. So. I'm not hiding it. So. Think a moment before you run away.

In nicer news - I got to do mass baby-cuddling yesterday - bliss. And I got to feed her. She's very bonny and so talkative! All these funny noises; grunts and things - sweet! I hadn't really noticed that in previous baby-experiences. Ooh, she's a clingy little thing too. She won't sleep unless she's held and ends up sleeping on her mum most of the night. I'm so excited to think that I get to see her grow up.
::blissed out::


Snoskred said...

Hey, I like your posts. I've just been really flat out with this nablopomo commenting challenge I took on, and setting up google reader. Which I've added you into, so I'm subscribed to you.. just so you know, because I don't think Google Reader tells anyone that.. ;) I'll remember to click on the little gray thing in future so you know I'm reading you loud and clear.. ;)

Kim said...

I'm still reading...have just been insanely busy now that the holiday season is upon us. Yes, cancer is a scary word and one that has affected several people I love and it is also a fear I live with as well as it runs so prominently in my family. But, no one can spend their life running away from the word or just avoiding it anymore than they can can live in fear. Life is for living, to the best of our ability, for as long as we have. And holding a baby is one sweet reminder of just how wonderful and precious life can be.