Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sayonara NaBloPoMo

So, this is the last post of NaBloPoMo - I ought to make it worthwhile really but I'm a bit too busy here waiting for the phone to ring. Long story, never mind.

What have I learned from NaBloPoMo - there's a lot to say even when you don't think there is. I didn't get as much posted as I wanted to however - I'd really hoped to finish a bit more of my whole story of last year but it takes so long to write those posts and I have so many other things going on at the moment that I still didn't manage it. I will, slowly, obviously. I don't think I'm going to Holidailies - a brief respite is needed I think. Plus I really need to do things like write Christmas cards and the like.
I also haven't read as much or commented as much as I wanted to - I'm so bad. Bum.
All in all, an interesting experience and good for the discipline I think. It's been good for me to post every day I think and I shall try to make sure I post a little more regularly than I had been doing. So I guess all there is to say is that no kittens died because of me and

Watch this space.....


Jeannette said...

You did a great job with NaBloPoMo! Sometimes just putting it all out there takes a bit of the burden away. I hope you are feeling festive and getting ready for CFhristmas. Enjoy!

Kim said...

I very much enjoyed getting to know you this month, Em. I'll be back!
Congrats on completing NaBloPoMo!

Anonymous said...

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