Monday, October 29, 2007

Some things are worse than cancer

Argh! October, please end - I want to turn my blog back to a livable-with colour. Pink is yak, yak, yak and I cannot face looking at my own blog at the moment.

Those of you who have noticed this years NaBloPoMo icon on the site will all be laughing at the prospect of me posting every day - since I currently can't get my finger out to post once a week at the moment. Cease and desist - if necessary I'll be posting a photo from Peru to fill the gaps.....there are some goodies!!

In the meantime, if breast cancer awareness is *making* you sick and you'd like to interest yourself in some other cause then I'd like to recommend Kiya Survivors who provide fantastic support and help for children with special needs in Peru. These children have often been abused and don't have opportunities for education in the mainstream and Kiya educate and offer physiotherapy and loads of other things for them. They are extremely deserving and I and the girls I visited Kiya with this summer were blown away by the incredible staff and wonderful, fun, amazing children there. On my behalf, I'd rather you gave *them* support than bought hideous pink things this October.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Yuck - pink

Oh, am late but have Pinked for October, finally.

Am still breathing

BTW - the *previous* post title should be sung to the tune of the refrain from from Rock the Casbah by The Clash. Of course. It just occurred to me that this might not be obvious and that perhaps the whole rest of the world isn't in my head hearing me hum. (Why the hell not!? You don't know what you're missing!)
I'm currently chortling because the last two things I downloaded from I-tunes are 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' sung by Judy Garland and then 'Rock the Casbah' by The Clash. Am amused.

I have been slack and have been hiding and weeping etc and generally feeling sorry for myself and convinced that am dying. Am not, or at least according to the medic types I'm not.

Bad old me has not judged the caption competition - you nearly all chickened out in the wake of Snoskred's quite alarmingly imaginative entry. Sadly, I don't think a single of her suggestions were correct - or perhaps I mean, fortunately..... ;) So I am withholding the genuine instruction card - unless someone begs me for it. There were also valiant entries from Pocketina and Dorothy. All of these did spark and smile and perhaps also a guffaw (fahbulous word, darlink).
So I think all deserve prizes so those of you who email me your address will receive something spiffing in the mail - although I'm not sure what yet. Obviously it ought to be a share of all those diamonds I'm acquiring. Sadly, I'm too greedy for that and I'm saving them to decorate my bathroom anyway.....

Toodles. And get singing along to The Clash!