Monday, October 29, 2007

Some things are worse than cancer

Argh! October, please end - I want to turn my blog back to a livable-with colour. Pink is yak, yak, yak and I cannot face looking at my own blog at the moment.

Those of you who have noticed this years NaBloPoMo icon on the site will all be laughing at the prospect of me posting every day - since I currently can't get my finger out to post once a week at the moment. Cease and desist - if necessary I'll be posting a photo from Peru to fill the gaps.....there are some goodies!!

In the meantime, if breast cancer awareness is *making* you sick and you'd like to interest yourself in some other cause then I'd like to recommend Kiya Survivors who provide fantastic support and help for children with special needs in Peru. These children have often been abused and don't have opportunities for education in the mainstream and Kiya educate and offer physiotherapy and loads of other things for them. They are extremely deserving and I and the girls I visited Kiya with this summer were blown away by the incredible staff and wonderful, fun, amazing children there. On my behalf, I'd rather you gave *them* support than bought hideous pink things this October.

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