Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK - yes, there was good in there too

OK - that's a good point. One that I was too busy wallowing in pissed off misery to really pause and take note of.
Currently, there appears to be no cancer. This is, of course, fucking fantastic news and I might do better to dwell on that for a while. It just got a bit subsumed in the pissed-off-ness. I am grateful and pleased for that news which brings me within 3 months of the 2-year marker. If I make it to September with no cancer then I officially reach the 2-year, no sign of cancer stage - which is the first hurdle. It will be even better if I can reach the five year marker but I have to get to 2 first.....

Roll on 2!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The swelling doth swell most every day

I am furiously angry.
My sausage fingers with the squadgy knuckles have been proclaimed 'mild lymphoedema'.
And, yeah, I know, it could be a fuck of a lot worse; but I am still mad. Madder than I ever was about having cancer. I think I thought that the cancer was enough. That having cancer was a big enough payment to the universe to absolve me from any further payments. Apparently not.
So, yeah, Lymphoedema. Fucking fantastic.
In good news - I don't appear to have anything cancerous although I've got some bone thinning from the Zoladex but that should sort itself out once the Zoladex stops - which I reckon is in about 2 months.
Helpfully my notes were lost today and I had to wait for over an hour because they were short a doctor. All in all, not the best day but not the worst either.
Just a really, really pissed off day.
Feel free to join me in pissyness.