Friday, November 24, 2006

My grammy

This is a belated 'Happy Turkey-Day' to all out there who celebrate. I haven't really this year, what with the moving and all that....

It's also a year since my grammy died - on Thanksgiving Day last year.

She was a fantastic woman who I had great respect for; she had a real sense of adventure - she had a boyfriend who let her fly his small plane; she travelled in England and Scotland on her own a great deal and made friends as she went. In photos of her when she was young she was really beautiful. She wasn't scared to try stuff out - she worked in a hairdressers at one point and she was an operating room aide at another point. She loved little kids and whereever she went and saw kids she could attract them - the babies would smile and stare at her, mesmerised. She was a fantastic grammy - she loved my brother and I very dearly and would always bring us Cheerios when she came to England (you can't get the plain kind in the UK even now!!) and she'd send fantastic Christmas parcels with books and toys. But she would do fun stuff with us too - we always used to go and feed the ducks down at Winchester Centre and she'd take us to the library and to the Science Museum or the Chrildren's Museum in Boston. And when she came to the UK she loved to visit York - especially in the Spring time when all the daffofils were covering the banks. It was so sad when the Alzheimers took her over and changed her - she kind of slipped away and it was easy to forget that she was the fantastic person that she was. I miss the woman who always introduced us by saying 'The British are here!' and showed us off to all her friends.
Grammy, I miss you.

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