Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The cat-fink

Urgle - it is late - I had County meeting at which I did not distinguish myself. But at least I got a lift home and didn't have to muck around with the tube and the bus.

SO - tonight you get a picture post - you may not want to know what I had for lunch but you definitely want to see a picture of the cat, right? No? Tough!

What a sweetie, right? No! He is a fiend who will lurk under chairs, on sofas, on stairs and suddenly attack. He is your ankle's worst enemy. You have two anyway, so you can donate him one, OK?
He is the terror of cardboard boxes, which he shreds into a state of collapse.
He adores the printer and likes to stick his paw into where the paper goes in because there must be something good in there to be making those noises.
He is also a huge Creature Comforts fan - he races up to the television and stares at it, entranced when we put the DVD on.
So, I present to you - Maxwell the cat-fink!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Maxwell, is beautiful! Definately a very handsome boy!