Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coping and processing, after the fact

Where do people go? They do seem to drift away and I, for one, have actually found the year since I finished my cancer treatment at least as difficult as the year of cancer treatment. I have felt like I have been completely de-constructed. During the rush of fear and panic while I had cancer and was being treated for it, I didn't have the time or ability to do anything other than just cope; just scrambling through each day. When I finished my last Radiotherapy treatment and they sent me off out into the world to get on with life again, I felt *so lost*. And then, then I started to have the time to mourn and grieve and process what has happened to me. To work out who I am now. And I am grateful to be here, grateful to be alive - but I'm still working out who I've turned into.
Other people don't see the inward struggle - they see that you've finished your treatment and they see that as the end. They've wanted you to be better for so long that they move you into the 'better' category. I haven't worked out how to say - I may not have cancer anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm 'fine'.

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