Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In which our heroine.....chooses curtains

Snaps to April (I'd link to you but you haven't left your url) for her spotting that yesterday was indeed Guy Fawkes Night - or Bonfire Night as we also call it. I've not been to an actual Bonfire and fireworks display for years - which is very disappointing. This year I really intended to - and I really hoped my brother would be visiting so we could go together like when we were kids. But he couldn't and in the end I couldn't be bothered. However our people in neighbouring streets actually had fireworks in their back-gardens which meant I could see them from our bedroom window, in bed. Now that is what I call service - and a good bonfire night. Lots of lovely sparkles and a warm feather quilt....perfect. The Dear Other declares that I would spend my entire life in bed if I could - I fear he may be right. You can knit and read and (in my house) surf the net from bed; so why get up? It's cold outside the covers (except when I'm having a hot flush) - bed is best. Why stand if you can sit, why sit if you can lay down? I don't think of myself as lazy; I just like to be *comfy*.

Today you have options.
For the squeamish amongst you - head further down the post and give me your opinions on curtain fabrics for mah bedroom.
For the unsqueamish amongst you there are pictures - of my scars. In order not to catch anyone unawares you'll have to head over to flickr to see them. They are just (just?) scars now - 2 years down the line - my mets diagnosis in September distracted me from the fact that it was 2 years since my mastectomy. I haven't talked about all the surgery lark for a while now. Mostly because I'm sturdily ignoring the scars as much as I can. I still don't like catching sight of my reflection unprepared in the bathroom mirror. I still have to stop myself from flinching when the Dear Other touches it - he likes the fact that the skin is so very smooth and soft along the line of the scar. I think I care far more than he ever has. ::sigh:: grrrr

The options:

And in close up:
Opinions please.....


nakedtranslator said...

hey there, thanks for the sidebar link - sounds a bit ominous "I'm keeping an eye on...", but I like it too :) :)

SO impressed at the Christmas cake preparations. It's inspired me to think about doing one too (a proper and potentially actionable think, too)

Re: curtains: definitely the roses. Gorgeous!! x

Kate said...

The roses, in the shot of all three they seem to glow.
I like the "a ferret bit me" line too.

Jhianna said...

Hmmm... I'd go with the top left ones. But I'm a plain-ish sort of fabric girl - all three are pretty in the swatches :)

laurie said...

I chose both options. Your battle scars look just like mine. Except that I still have my port. I have some pretty ambivalent feelings about how I look as well. And like you, my partner seems to think I am beautiful, scars and all.

As for the curtains, I am surprised to find that (although I think they are all quite lovely) I love the flowers best (I am not a floral-loving kind of girl). I think it's the red that I like.

April said...

sepha - apologies, i forget my blogger profile is set to private. my site is www.titansphere.com.

ps - that picture you took yesterday was eerily similar to the pacific northwest. we had more fog, but equally dreary.

April said...

i forgot to choose curtains...i like the left one...the simplest one. seems like you'd have some freedom in changing the room and still matching moreso than with others.