Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day of reckoning

I didn't know what to write today and that is because tomorrow is Clinic Day and CT results Day and that's pretty much consuming all the space in my head currently. I slept appallingly last night but I don't feel like I'll sleep tonight either.

Tomorrow is also crap appointment-times day. I've got to get there at 9am in order to get my bloods taken in the chemo-suite. I much prefer Megan in the chemo-suite to do it than to go and wait for the general bods in the blood room but that means I've got to be there bright and early so that she can do it before it gets busy (and boy does it get busy later on!). I cannot begin to tell you how much I regret letting them persuade me to have my portocath removed. I should have trusted my instinct, which was definitely scared stiff about having it taken out and then needing it again. But I did it because I thought it would help me to move on - to stop being a cancer-patient - sadly I'm not sure that even worked really. I still have it somewhere - perhaps they'd put it back in for me.... ;) (KIDDING!) Anyway, then I have to wait around until 11.15am for my appointment with the oncologist; but the last two times I've been they've been a doctor short and things have been running *so* slowly and by 11.15am they'll have had lots of time to get behind schedule so I could end up having to wait for *ages*. Which is really bad for my nerves - I also tend to forget all the questions I wanted to ask if I had to sit around. The panic takes up all the room in my head. The receptionist said that if I turned up early then I might be able to be seen earlier; but if I don't get slotted in earlier then I'll end up having to wait in the Onc. corridor for over an hour - and that really will drive me to insanity. Decisions, decisions....

Plus, I'm really hoping that we don't have a replay of the last two prescription-cock-ups. I'll be scanning the sheet veerrry closely before leaving the Onc.

So, if I'm less than scintillating this evening then I suggest that you go and read (or re-read) yesterday's post. Particularly if you're a person of the knit. And, in fact, I'll accept interest from people who aren't of the knit but need a bit of cheering up. Leave me a comment or send me an email (address on my profile page) and tell me why you need cheering up and I'll select 2 additional folk to receive (why, yes, I do like making additional work for myself!) If you're of the knitting persuasion don't feel alarmed - you don't have to knock out 3 grand sweaters to send of - the knitted items can be little things, funny things, anything you can think of really.
So, join the knitty goodness!


Kate said...

I'm not a person of the knit, last time I tried it I tied myself up in knots! I have bought a book on crochet though, and I do cross-stitch so I can offer small x-stitch designs instead. (and cheering up is certainly required).
I hope tomorrow goes well, that they aren't behind and you get seen quickly.

AmandaM said...

way to go on posting every day BTW! I'd love to know how to knit, but that day is a ways away. Hope tomorrow goes really well!

April said...

i'm sure i'm really not a candidate for needing cheering up with a knitted item, but it doesn't mean i won't vie for a spot on the list should you get REALLY bored and just want to be friendly to a stranger.

most everyone who knows me, even a little, will tell you i'm never in a bad mood, perhaps even a little too cheerful. i try to enjoy every day because once upon a time i was afraid, angry, and hopeless. there was little cheer in my life, so i try to make up for it now.

i digress...best wishes tomorrow...perhaps take some knitting to busy your hands and mind while you wait?

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laurie said...

I had bloodwork (through my port, which I never got the chance to take out although, I would have!)chemo yesterday. The previous day the hospital had been closed for Remembrance Day, so the place was a zoo (with Monday and Tuesday patients there). I hated it!

Thankfully, I had my knitting and good company (and the ipod, for backup).

By now (3:00pm for you) you likely have your scan results. I hope that they exceeded your expecations and that chemo went smoothly.