Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doormouse in the teapot

Dormant was the word of the day - dormant. As in, the cancer is no longer growning - it hasn't shrunk either - but it's not growing. It's dormant.

This is good news, I think.

It's also disappointing news - of course it is! Because really, the best news would be 'gosh, the cancer's completely vanished - off you go and have a nice (long) life!'. This is unrealistic - I know that. But it's still the only news I could hear and would accept as 'good'. This news is acceptable. Pleasing. Hopefull. But the word 'dormant' really does come with the implication of re-awakening. I.e. it's sleeping now but will be back eventually.

It's a shame that I can't just jump with joy over this and grab it and run with it - but that's just me, I guess.


Jhianna said...

Well. Yeah... Dormant. I think I'd be: "Well that's Frakking great. Shrinking is good news. Completely gone is fantastic news. What the hell do I do with dormant?"

laurie said...

I hear you. For me the words were, "grossly stable." This meant that it was no longer growing but it hadn't gone away. That was in March, four months after the metastasis. I had a couple of "grossly stables" before June brought "no evidence of metastasis."

Let that cancer keep being dormant; it will make it easier for the chemo to catch it unawares and zap it into oblivion.