Friday, February 03, 2006

What I'm listening to

Coldplay - X&Y album:
especially Talk and Speed of sound
Frou Frou - Must be dreaming
R.E.M. - Great beyond
Athlete - Wires
Sondheim - soundtrack to 'Company':
especially Marry me a little and Barcelona

What's the links???
Not sure - maudlin probably....

Frou Frou and R.E.M. are essential to getting out the door in the morning. 'Pushing elephants up stairs' is obviously something I can relate to.....
10 impossible things before breakfast - and why not?

I have to say for the record that Mighty Girl made me honk with laughter this morning - for the first time in ages. (That's me laughing for the first time in ages - not that she hasn't been funny)

(Note to self: shut up, make dinner)

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