Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Depression and Reflexology

So, Elaine thinks I may have some sort of depression (Reactive depression?) but I refused to see the psych person to be assessed, so nothing official. (I think official depression is probably much worse than just feeling sad or 'melancholic') I think one person in a family at a time on anti-depressants is enough.
If I stop being able to function then I might change my mind - or have it changed for me but feeling miserable and sad is not enough to convince me. (Masochist!) Well, these are real feelings occuring because of real things that have happened to me and I don't see throwing pills at them is really the answer. Talking to Elaine is, and I'm doing that and she is confident that we will sort it out in time. So there..... (Cheer up, you bugger!)
Sun's out today so I don't feel so bad. I bought some hyacynth bulbs the day before yesterday and some daffodils so hopefully the green and the scent will help me to feel a little better.
(Plus my wellies: for my birthday I'm getting these)
This morning was reflexology - much the nicest thing I've done at the Haven - she was quite chatty and understanding and personable. It was very relaxing although I could feel when she found the spots in my feet where stuff had built up. I was quite impressed when a couple of times she mentioned specific areas of my body and they were places I had problems: my right shoulder (perhaps not surprisingly) and my left eye - my weakest which has been bothering me recently. V. Interesting. I'm not sure I'm a convert but I did feel quite tired and drained afterwards and my feet do feel a little less tingly. I'll give that another shot. I like her anyway so that's good.
Definitely feeling much better today compared with the weekend and Monday. It's as if having Elaine recognise and name depression made it less overwhelming.....


Anonymous said...

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David said...

I gave my father a few Reflexology treatments while we were both on holidays in South Africa, visiting my sister. Of course he loved the idea of having his feet massaged especially by his daughter whom he had not seen for a couple of years.
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