Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So trimensley tired

Brownies and guides are utterly exhausting......
I am cream-crackered. But at least I've been utterly absorbed in something else for a couple of hours. Supervising collage-making, tidying up after collage-making, singing songs about crazy mooses (meece?).

In other news, I survived the mammogram this morning and, compared to every other damn thing they've done to me, it was pretty mimimal. I really could have done without the technician asking me if they were doing both breasts when I arrived. I just looked at her and my face crumpled and I finally managed to say 'I had a right mastectomy six months ago'. I wish I had had the presence of mind to say 'well, unless you have my right breast tucked away in a cupboard somewhere, I seriously doubt it. Last I knew it was being disected by docs in white coats with microscopes and they weren't planning on returning it.' Sadly, I was let down by more damn tears. I think I must be in a serious state of permanent dehydration due to the eye leakage.
I was quite disappointed by this: I mean, it shows a complete lack of tact and respect for what I've been through. I think after everything I shouldn't have to explain to all and sundry that I only have one breast. And I was very disappointed by her reaction - she did that justifying herself apology. If that had been me and I'd put my foot that firmly in a place it didn't belong, and I'd reduced someone to tears, I would have just been outright apologising. "I'm so sorry I've upset you." Now, to be fair, it was not just foot-in-mouth disease in this case; the consultant had given no details on the form as to what she wanted so the technician did have to ask me and that's OK and I understand. But an unconditional apology would have been nice.

Bedtime, this knackered guider needs her beauty-sleep (or, in my case, hair growing sleep!)

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