Monday, February 13, 2006


Flu needs to See Me In Hell! (Thank you, Etiquette Grrls).
Elaine has flu when I'm Having A Bad Week. A year ago on Wednesday was the first hospital appointment when I was hysterical (again) and they did the biopsy. (maybe I'll tell that story on Wednesday) And It Was Bad. And it is bad - I had a few more hysterics last night, this morning, this afternoon.....bad.....
Elaine, please feel better soon (not for selfish reasons but I do hope you feel better soon).
And you, dear, sweet, kind, blog will have to help me....
It's like a reprise of everything I felt a year ago and somehow more. Like I hadn't had time or space to deal with all those emotions and now they're coming at me, catching up.

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