Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My blog posts are better than your blog posts - or are they?

This is going to be a boring post full of banal things like:
"I can't believe I'm doing this again.
It is *sooooo* not fair that I have cancer.
I hate chemotherapy."
And other things that end in:

Hmmmm, I've said it all.


On a deeper and more meaningful level:

In other news, my brother had the audacity to go and see Eddie Izzard when he was in LA and met him afterwards and then proceeded not to tell me this for over a month. He is useless. That is utterly uncalled for and I'd sulk if he wasn't all the way in Boston and wouldn't know that I was sulking. (For what is the point of sulking if the person you're sulking with isn't living with your sulky silence?!)

Finally, I have a dilemma:
Would it be in poor taste and/or demoralising to other people in the Onc. clinic and chemosuite to wear this t-shirt?

See, it makes me laugh - but I know I'm a bit warped so I thought I'd take advice.......
I mean, in my eyes it is *obviously* a joke but I figure some people might not see that - especially when sat in the chemosuite - nothing seems very funny in there. Apart from pictures of people having diarrhoea, apparently.....and I think that's still probably just me.


laurie said...

I love the shirt! But then again, I have one that says "CCKMA: cancer can kiss my ass."

pocketina said...

How about "My oncologist can kick your oncologist's ASS"?

Pictures of people having...what? You have one wacky sense of humor, lovey.

I would so bop my brother on the head if he met Eddie Izzard without bringing me with him!!

Hey...Kerry tagged me with a meme, so I'm obliged to pass it on, like a summer cold:


Jeannette said...

Sepha - I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. What a load of crap. Seriously. My wish for you is that the meds get everything under control for a long time to come. It seems everyday there are new treatments and better success rates. I am here if you need anything.

By the way, love the shirt!

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