Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy burfday

Well, happy burp-day to me.
My exciting birthday treat was a trip to the chemo clinic. My oncologist *did* sing happy birthday to me, which cheered me up and I had lots of hugs and birthday wishes from the nurses there and in the chemo-suite. My lymph-node is now granule-sized, if anything......I got a 'well' and a tick on my notes(!) It's feeling oddly like school.....
So. I ought to be jolly cheerful about achieving a new (granular) birthday height - but I'm not. I wish I could have made a big deal about it and asked everyone to come and be with me. What if it's the last birthday? But I feel funny about celebrating being born at the moment to be honest.


Ciorstaidh said...

Happy birthday for yesterday :-)

Instead of a birthday, how about, hmm, organising something because you've finished your latest knitting article, or Xeloda cycle, or anything else that is worth celebrating?

Personally, I feel that by the anniversary of my birth I ought to celebrate Not Killing Any Colleagues (presuming I make it to 10th April without doing so). ;-)

laurie said...

Having to spend your birthday in chemo really does suck! I am wishing the most wonderful year for you - one with only the best kind of news and more fun than you can stand. xo

titan said...

happy birthday!!!

just enjoying the day is a wonderful celebration - nothing special *has* to happen.

Sweet Camden Lass said...

I'm skipping my birthday this year. However, my belly button piercing will be ten years old on 8th August, so there may be a bijou party-ette then.

Merry 7th March.