Saturday, March 08, 2008

Grumpety grump

Hmm - grumpy old me this evening.
My birthday blood test looked like this:
Mother of all bruises - yes?
In good news, the bone strengthening tablets have been approved, so no more Pamidronate drips and therefore only a bloodtest every 3 weeks - which up until now have been mostly uneventful. This was a deep vein and despite me pressing down on it for *ages* it still made this mess. I looked very dodgy when I forgot about it and rolled up my sleeve when out for dinner on my birthday evening!

In other grumps - I'm annoyed that I'm such a noble, rule-abiding and forgetful person. If I weren't then I wouldn't have arranged to both go out for lunch with a friend *and* take brownies bowling after church parade at the same time tomorrow afternoon. And therefore wouldn't be texting my friend to ask if we can do tea instead, persuading the Dear Other that he wants to come to a bowling alley for lunch since otherwise there will only be two adults for bowling and refilling and printing permission forms since the original ones were for going to the cinema and there are now a different collection time and place and I couldn't bring myself to not have the t's crossed and the i's dotted. I know things will most probably be fine and I will be fussing over nothing - but if something required someone going to the hospital in a hurry (bowling ball to the head?!) and the forms were wrong we'd be in a bit of a hole.
So now I have to be nice to parents and ask them to refill forms.
And I'm annoyed that if I'd *remembered* this was going on before last night then I would have checked the cinema listings and I wouldn't be trying to reschedule lunch etc etc.

And Jane - if you're reading this, *this is not your responsibility* - we all knew you were going to be away and should have sorted it out for ourselves! We're big girls (and supposedly qualified!).

So, I'll be watching bowling tomorrow since I don't think bowling with a lymphoedemic arm and hand is a sensible option....instead of meeting Sarah's new fellow and having Sunday lunch. Must tell her that now!

In other news, my recycled Sari silk yarn has finally arrived (although mine looks bluer in colour, which disappoints me.....). Some of it has been washed and is drying and some more needs to be done. I've read that that makes it softer for knitting with - plus it's got little bits of straw and the like in it and I'm hoping that washing will have removed some of that. My bathroom laundry airer is festooned with lovely yarn :) (this may make having a bath in the morning something of a challenge.....)

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Mmm, but I'm the one who had the idea in the first place and totally forgot to check the cinema times. Gah. And it's not anyone's fault that the cinema didn't have anything suitable (bet it's got something this weekend coming).

I've managed to set a planning meeting for the post-rugby match window on Sunday. This means no warming gin after the First Aid. Sigh. However, it got to the point where I couldn't find a time that suited everyone and needed a time that suited catering and First Aid types.
Oh. I have specific yarn for you.