Thursday, February 28, 2008


An impression of my brain currently:
Lalalalalalalalalala - ooh! Something shiny! Ooh! Something else shiny! Ooh! Something chocolate! Lalalalalalala! Why am I in here? - oooh, something shiny! Damn! Why didn't I do what I just went to do?! Oh, shiny! Grrrrr.

- Please sirs, I want a brain transplant.
- What! [consternation] Ungrateful girl! A brain transplant! I never heard the like!
- But please sirs, it's my birthday next week - so it could be a super gift - I wouldn't even ask for giftwrap.....
- [burble of outrage]
- Ooh, shiny chocolate!

Pah. Grrr. Huh.


Sweet Camden Lass said...

But shiny things are inherently distracting.

Ditto chocolate.

It's still annoying sympathies. I might let you have the t-shirt if it's subtle like. No lime green. That would be wrong.


Judy said...

"Chemo Brain" -- oh yes. Have it, bigtime. Wish I didn't have to work.

I believe my one colleague said that was "a convenient excuse" or some such thing. I should have kicked him in the nuts.

Sepha said...

Hahahahahaha - oh, yes, so convenient - because we were just longing to find the silver lining of cancer! *That's* why I got cancer, so I could have a convenient excuse for being confused and forgetting things!
[/extreme sarcasm]
Some people are truly unbelievable and in this case, should be rendered nut-less - perhaps that would give him an excuse for being an arsehole....