Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lucky old me

Blogger is pleased to announce to me this morning that I can now blog in Persian.....I think they've endowed me with some magical language learning since I do not know any Persian, or Hebrew, or whatever the 3rd option I've forgotten is......

So, sadly, this blog will not be brought to you in Persian, or by the letter P or by the number 4, you'll have to read it in boring old anglais (ha! caught you out there with a bit of French!!! Haha!)

I got given this little coveted item yesterday - presented by the Mayor of Camden, no less. Shall I make you guess what it is?? Perhaps I will - but I'll post the answer tonight so you've not got long. And those of you who already know - keep stum til then please!!
Here comes the clue: the Dear Other always refers to my badge tab for Guides as my 'medals', and I go 'they're not medals' (gosh it's fun living with us!). This, however, I think, is. I've pretty much given it away now, haven't I?
Sad thing is, I'm not sure I'll ever get to have the fancier 10 year etc bars - that's not fair..... :( Still, this is nice too.

I blathered on about Peru too - shall I post for you to read? Perhaps I will....later on.


laurie said...

I knew what it was even before the hint! These things are so bittersweet, are they not, for those of us with mets. Remember, though, we are at the vanguard and many of us younger women (and yes, I know I am a full decade older than you ;-) are living longer and living well. If you want it, that 10 year badge may well be on your lapel in five years time!!

Sweet Camden Lass said...

I shall start a picket line outside Moira's house. With a placard "Add the Liverpool years!"

The ten year badge is much prettier.


titan said...

congratulations! here's to that 10-year medal!