Tuesday, April 01, 2008


What do you do when you're hyperventillating over lunch, and your hair?
Seriously, I do not know what to do.
Not eat lunch because it's simply too difficult to decide what to eat - when I don't want anything anyway and I'm just thinking about it because it's 'lunchtime' and I'll probably end up with another headache later if I don't eat. I'm not saying that I'm not hungry - I have no idea if I'm hungry or not anymore. I often find myself eating if someone else puts it down in front of me even when I didn't think I was hungry. I *cannot* do anything if someone asks me what I want for dinner later - the answer is 'nothing' and if they suggest things then it makes me feel ill. Not sick - just, sort of sickened - like they've brought up some unspeakable topic. But I'll probably eat it if it's put in front of me. Or some of it. And yet I've still mananged to put back on all the weight I lost with the chemo in 2005. Which is depressing, because that was the one thing I brought away with me from that - at least I'd lost that weight that I could stand to lose.
Food has become the enemy again I suppose.
And I get tied up in a quandry of what *should* I eat, what *ought* I to eat. Lots of fibre and fruits and vegetables are the *shoulds* and *oughts* - which can prove a bad idea if my stomach is heading diarrhoea-wards. But not eating them isn't good for a body either - and mine will tell me in no uncertain terms. Seriously, if I could farm out my digestive tract to some other source, I bloody would.
And my hair, is so long now, and people say it's pretty and it probably is; but I can't even stand to wash it or myself most days. (which is pretty shameful) The room or the water or both is/are never the right temperature for whatever I am. Plus, what's the point of having nice hair when it spends all day and all night pulled back from my face and neck because it makes me hot and claustrophobic? But I'm scared to have it cut off again - which is silly, because it grows really fast anyway - I don't want the curls to go, I don't want to re-adapt to different hair again. And If I have it cut off I want someone one who knows how the hell to deal with ringletty, curly hair. I mean, is bloody brilliant, because there aren't as many people with curly hair out there as there are with straight hair; so it goes without saying that most hairdressers will have more experience with straighter hair. And what if I have it cut so it's not such a mess, then I'll have to stop being such a mess in my dress and everything else. It'll raise the stakes.
And this all seems so miniscule, so irreverant when there are so many worse things out in the world.
What the hell is happening to me? Why does this stuff that would once have hardly caught my attention seem like the end of the world? Why has this combination of things reduced me to standing at the back door hyperventilating? And what does it all mean anyway? beacause if it meant only what it is on the surface then I wouldn't be in a state about it so this has got to be about something else really. So tired now and I've barely been up today.


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Have texted my opinion about lunch. Will have a think about hair (I need a haircut: could I interest you in a day trip to Norwich for a joint event? I have a lovely hairdresser there.). Entirely agree about washing. All this getting entirely wet is totally overrated. And then there's the draughts to contend with... Yuck.

Dorothy said...

I understand the tired inside and out. It seems like its a badge we wear. And I haven't been through the length of time you've had with this terrible disease.However, truly already I'm exhausted more then I not. It has to be part of the symptoms we must share.

The hair..I love being bald..yes I do..I doubt I'll ever have long hair again..I like no bad hair days...its easier and better for my mind. I wish you rainbows and blue skies in your meditation. Debbie Lane has me doing Hypnosis meditation and it has helped me...

Hugs and love to you....I love my gift...

Dorothy from grammology
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