Friday, April 18, 2008

Follow me, follow me down to the wallow

I have an 'upper respiratory tract infection' according to The Princess Oncologist - but it didn't impress her.......I think you have to neutropaenic and have no white blood cell count before you can impress her. In other words, I have a cold and am whingey. Blah - my eyes do not want to be open but if I lie down then I can't really breathe - bummer. Wah!
I'm also supposed to be making quiche Lorraine, brownies and my super-duper, best ever ragu-for-lasagne for next weekend. Oh, and putting the towels on to wash. None of which are appealing massively to me since they would require getting out of bed and I have a cold! Wah! Want to wallow - despite the fact that I can breathe better and would have less heartburn if I didn't recline......
Oh, and we're going to dinner with friends tonight - I'm going to be *such* good company - not. My eyes won't stop watering - note to self: don't wear eye makeup, you will rub eyes and look like a panda all evening......
The Oncologist is now The Princess or Precious Oncologist and I want a t-shirt that proclaims "Your oncologist may be great but mine is a Princess" or alternatively "mine has style". This would amuse her and in my book, an amused oncologist is one who's on your side (my side). Plus, I'm an amusing person; The Dear Other has proclaimed it so.
I made The Dear Other cry - mean ol' me. As you will have noticed, I've not exactly been happy-happy, joy-joy recently and I got cross with him and was shouty (which I *never* do! This is true - I don't do conflict and shouting and getting mad with The Dear Other) and then I got all cry-y and said sad things about Not Being Happy and then he cried because he wanted to make it all better and he couldn't and it made him sad. And I felt really mean and horrid for making him sad because I don't want him to be sad. Wah. Tears all round with an extra helping of guilt on the side for me. I feel a bit better now. Don't know why. Don't know how long it will last.
I have to go hat shopping for my friend's wedding - Sweet Camden Lass has promised to come with me and she doesn't know it but she alone will be responsible for making sure I don't look like a complete 'nana. I trust her implicitly - I also think she knows where to get hats *from*. Me, I'd go to John Lewis and that would be it - and maybe that's the correct place to go, but I'm not really sure myself.

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Right. Pick an afternoon and I'm taking the time off work. There is no point in curtailing ourselves - instead, we should feel unhurried.

'spect you feel better because you both got it out of your systems a bit, rather than doing the 'I don't want to upset you' thing which is frequently more unsettling in the long term.