Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well, I hope some of you are cackling out loud, I certainly was this morning when I looked at my blog and realised that instead of updating the widget for my chemo countdown, I had instead managed to insert something titled 'time until next solar eclipse', or something......which I'm fairly certain is *not* in a week's time (I could be wrong here though)!
The lesson being, don't try to update these things last thing at night when someone is hounding you to turn out the light so they can go to sleep.......
Lesson duly noted.
Enjoy the joke, I cackled so loudly that the Dear Other came in from the other room to ask what the strange noise was......(just me dear!)

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Well, I used my super translation skillz. However, it was pretty late last night, and they weren't terribly good, and I was more concentrating on writing letters to potential Brownies. ~x~