Monday, January 07, 2008

Filums and k-nitting

St Trinian's was fun; the twins were entertaining - the whole thing was entertaining. I mean, obviously it's not going to be the next earth-shattering film; but I was diverted and didn't start thinking 'when does this finish?', and that's always a good sign! T'was also nice to grab a bite to eat with a friend and watch a film where we both seemed to laugh at the same bits - always a pleasure, yes?
However, they didn't use the classic St Trinian's song, but somehow I've come away humming it all the same.......dastardly! (now those of you who know it are humming along - ha ha!)

Did you can buy customised M&Ms? Astounding.

My lace knitting is going rippingly - as in, I've had to frog one line at least 3 times, because a previous one was wrong, so then I had to go back further. Things I have learnt so far:
1) This is vital - do not attempt lace knitting when you've come back from a fraught time in the chemosuite. The tension in you will transfer to your stitches and your knitting will be so tight it's unmovable. You will also make grand fuck-ups and have to frog it several times.
2) Duh! - like a recipe or exam questions - read the pattern line through *before* you even start knitting anything. When you make sense of how the next row fits with what you've already knitted you'll recognise more quickly when it's going wonky - as opposed to getting to the last repeat of the row and realising you've make a mistake in the *first* repeat.
3) Don't be lazy - count your stitches at the end of each row - sporadic counting will lead to much frogging.
4) Do *not* stop to answer the phone or speak to someone mid-row. You *think* you will remember where you'd gotten to, but you won't.

There are probably others - or there will be in due course. However it does proceed - not necessarily apace, but languidly.


Dorothy said...

This is exactly why I stopped knitting...and cutting daughter said I was brutal when I had a bad day...I'd beat the heck out of her you can only imagine my stitches as I clinched my I was pissed of at something..while knitting...

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
remember to call your gram

Ciorstaidh said...

LOL so true...I'm concentrating on cabling at the moment, which is equally as disastrous if you stop mid-row.

I'm going to have to go and see the film, it's had so many good which I mean, people had fun and didn't get bored. The critics, pah, what do they ever know?


laurie said...

I am really struggling with some lace knitting right now (it's called a beginner's triangle but it's doing me in. I find, to that if I f*ck it up, I pretty much have to go to the beginning, as I find tinking (knitting backwards) to be nearly impossible with the lace stuff...