Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, new Blah...

Um, yeah, Happy New Year and all that.
I'm not quite sure how I categorise a Happy New Year - so, er, here's to living another year! (Imagine me lifting a glass at this point.)


Dee said...

I'd wish you a happy new year, but I know when people say that to me, I just want to throttle them!

So I'll just say.. keep on keeping on. And I'll send you my love, across this cyber world :o)


Sepha said...

Personally, I'm kicking people in the shins who say the dreaded words - you're obviously feeling more homicidal than me! ;)
I expect your method is more effective than mine ;)
I think 'keep on keeping on' is this years' phrase - the same goes to you and I'll return than cyber-love: lots of good thoughts (much good as they may do!)