Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Christmas y'all! - well, those of you who celebrate it.
Happy ordinary December 25th to the rest of you!
I've celebrated this morning with an unhappy digestive system - no turkey for me today, I think...... :( I just hope I can manage to stuff myself with stuffing - which, let's face it, is the only reason for having turkey to begin with! I love me some stuffing...... ::sigh::
Today, Xeloda, I give you the v's - and I'm not even wrapping them up. So there.
So, I haven't taken part in the cousin's visit this morning - which makes me feel even worse. Not because I was desperate to see them (does that sound unkind? Yes, it does a bit - but that's not what I mean) - what I mean, is that it means I have to play the 'cancer-girl' role. I wanted to go and look normal and be normal and not have everyone thinking 'oh, poor her, etc.'
Whoo -hoo. I'm suffering with ruddy Internet Explorer instead of Firefox today - so I do apologise if my spelling is a load of rubbish. I discover I've become dependent on the in-browser spell-check with Firefox and consequently don't notice my own typo's anymore.
Sweet Camden Lass asked for a picture of the Christmas Tree Caper villain (pseudonym: Maxwell), so here he is, trying to look all innocent:

And here he is looking pissed off because he was sleeping *under the covers* and I lifted them up to take a photo (mean, old me!)

Pissy, evil-eye; yes?

Finally, we have a White Christmas (and yes, I've just grokked-out watching it this morning. It is my favorite film ever, along with anything with Fred Astaire in. *I* want to be able to dance like that and wear fancy frocks like that. ::sigh:: Not Going To Happen.)
It had snowed before I arrived and this was the view from my bedroom window the morning after I arrived:


Then, we were supposed to have a couple more inches last week, but what we got was more like eight inches more - this is the house over the street in the snow:

And, then this is our back garden (well, the wilderness - my grampy liked trees - me too. I miss him lots):
*So* beautiful. The more so because I get get scared that this is the last time I'll see this; have a Christmas here; have any Christmas.
But, it may not be either - maybe I'll see many more. I hope so.
Enough - today I'll just enjoy the day - or do my best, anyway.
(Dear Other arrived last night with miminum delays - so that makes me happy :))
Happy Christmas eveyone.


Dorie said...

Lots of happiness wishes back to you too Sepha!

Sweet Camden Lass said...

The cat is very sweet. I'm inspired to take some of ours now (she's currently eyeing us with a baleful stare, as she had anti-worming-weird-stingy-smelling-liquid applied earlier today. And there are no more giblet pieces hidden under the current batch of catto-nosh).

White Christmas: you are lucky. Can't remember the last time I had one of those - may there be plenty more in our futures. The garden looks so beautiful. Bummer that you didn't get to see your cousins. I'll share one of mine when she's visiting from Canada. Apparently she's coming over in a fortnight. She's 80-odd and absolutely barking.

Looking forward to St Trinian's.


Minerva said...

The cat is gorgeous.. I used to have a russian Grey but the exhusband got her..and I still miss her.. I got the dog!

Have a great, erm...holiday?


titan said...

so jealous of the snow...it was cold but not terribly snowy in Montana, USA. at least the roads were almost tolerable as we trek over 900 miles in a car for Christmas. Idaho sucked a lot, but the snow was so beautiful nonetheless.

happy new year! i hope 2008 is good to you!

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