Monday, February 23, 2009

Poke, poke, poke

I have this pain in my thigh. Sort of pokey. Very localised. About 6cm in diameter. It's worse at night, especially when I lie down. Goes on pretty much all night. And it makes me want to stab it with a very sharp, pointy knife.
Probably on the basis that the new pain would detract from the original pain.
The only thing that makes it go away is the Co-dydramol but when the rest of me isn't in pain I'm not taking it because I have a 6cm patch on pain in my thigh. That's ridiculous.
However, do not be surprised if you catch me thumping my own leg saying things like "Just fuck off!"


Ciorstaidh said...

Dear pain, kindly fuck off.

May be a silly question, but have you tried a cream or gel-based painkiller on just the area affected?

Anonymous said...

Although I am a regukar of yours I seldom (if ecer) comment.Kust wanted you to know you are in my prayers.....Hugd,Karen

Anonymous said...

I would say 'fuck away' - but you *know* how far I'd go to avoid a 0double entendre ;o)


L xx