Friday, February 06, 2009

The pincushion

This afternoon at the Haven I was putting my coat on to leave when I realised something was poking me in the side of my was an acupuncture needle that accidentally got left in......whoops.

Today I had 2 needles in the tops of my feet, 2 in my lower legs, 1 on my inner left wrist, 1 in each shoulder, 2 around my collarbones, 1 either side of my nose and 1 on the top of my head. Freaky, eh? I try mostly not to think too much about blurby energy routes etc. but I have felt some funny sensations - jumping nerves, tingling and then one moment of panicky-ness. Which I thought was to do with the fact I had needles either side of my nostrils but in acupuncture terms is something more to do with having a needle in your wrist on your heart-kidney line/link/thing. I, apparently, am a heart/heat/fire person and my problems with hot flushes/lymph swelling/panic are to do with my heart/heat being too active and it needs to connect more with my dehydrated kidneys......

This is why I don't listen very much to this. But, he oddly did make me feel better, feel a bit more connected today. So, I'll take it - heart and kidneys? Are you listening? Kindly connect. Sharpish.

It does leave me feeling stiffish and tired.....

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