Thursday, November 13, 2008

Over my shoulder

I have six pairs of waterproof trousers hanging up in my bathroom - still covered in mud. I cunningly attempted to have a bath this morning whilst still leaving them hanging up. It wasn't entirely a success since I ended up with several leaves in the bath with me...... Tomorrow I will tackle them with a scrubbing brush and the shower attachment.
Of course, from my vantage point in the bath this morning I observed that one pair actually has a torn leg; given that most of them hadn't even been worn before last Saturday means I am not pleased. So, I shall have to trawl ebay for another pair to replace them.
On the up side - at least I shan't have to clean that pair!

I was trying to explain to someone the other day that I cannot plan anymore. 2010 is the centenary of U.K. Guiding and there will be grand events afoot - and I dearly hope to see it and take part but I just find it very difficult to engage in planning for that far ahead. Actually, I find it very difficult to make plans for next week never mind next year. And it's not that I'm consciously thinking that I'm afraid to make plans or somesuch - my brain literally melts at the thought of planning things. I have no concept any longer - the future is just white mush in my mind.......
And perhaps I being just a little pissy with it - maybe something along the lines of "if you're not going to give me certainty in my life then I'm not making plans and being let down". It's kind of a feeling of avoiding being tricked or caught out. All cancer seems to achieve is making me even more obstinate.....

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

IIRC those trousers were dirt cheap (excuse pun).

I think I sort of get the planning bit (but I really need to have some sort of plan of my own, so please do 'scuse me for keeping going on having one of them. You know you can join in whenever - I am getting much better at flexible planning!). I definitely get the bit about avoiding being tricked or caught out.

Direct the stubborness. ~x~