Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I try, I really do!

Dumbo here went and bought a bunch of yarn for Christmas knitting yesterday and misremembered the U.K. equivalent of worsted yarn. I know have an excess of DK rather than Aran.
Moral of the story?
Don't yarn shop on impulse when you accidentally pass a yarn selling shop. When will I learn to bloody well write down things and not rely on memory - which I know to be rubbish. I should have restricted myself to the bamboo dpns which I knew I needed in 3mm for plane knitting and left it at that.....
I guess I'll be ransacking Ravelry for DK neck warmer patterns now.....if you've any ideas then flag 'em up for me please!

Moving on.
I am not one of Pavlov's dogs. (obviously)
Arimidex=worsening hot flushes - especially *sugar* connected ones.
But, I don't learn. You'd think that if you ate something with sugar in and then had an evil hot flush a few minutes later you'd start to associate them with the sugary things and not want to eat them any more. Nope, not here, doesn't work. I crave sugar, eventually cave and eat something sweet, have hot flush, throw open windows or pull off jumpers or remove socks or all of the aforementioned, curse myself for eating sugar. Rinse and repeat.
Utterly dumb.
Of course, it's pretty hard not to have any sugar but I hardly eat fruit; *definitely* no fruit juices - they're pure sugar; I fall down over cake/biscuits and I go through phases of craving coke (during which I loathe myself). But most of the time - water only. Really. Just water. By the pint.
If I'm on my own I probably won't eat hot food either. Eating anything will bring on hot flushes - so I put off eating until I'm really hungry, at which point I'm really hungry so I eat anything quick and easy. Hello biscuits. ::sigh::
I'm guessing the homoeopath may increase my Belladonna dosage in a couple of weeks time. Which helps. But it doesn't cure it all. Which is what I want. I'd like to sleep on my nice 100% cotton sheets as opposed to the poly-cotton mix ones which dry out more quickly when you're sweaty at night. I'd quite like not to be the person in my office still sitting there in t-shirts whilst everyone else is in sweaters.
End of whine.


Ciorstaidh said...


Neck warmers often work well on DK with nice, loose knitting. Or might http://knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/winter_wear.php be of any use?

Sweet Camden Lass said...

I helpfully have a neckwarmer pattern in 4-ply.

However, dk makes good mitts and also this


Which is just fab. Also try looking for cowl patterns?

I know poly cotton sheets dry out better, but I think they are terrifically sweaty-making in themselves, and cotton are cooler and breathe better. Blankets are easier to temperature control than duvets, which might help.