Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long live internet shopping!

I have nearly recovered.
From Oxford Street and its environs on a Saturday in late November.
I managed not to kill anyone although the urge was strong.
Too many people in not enough space equals me wanting to batter said people.
And I had to deal with beads. About which I knew virtually nothing. I now know they're expensive. And that the shop I went to advertises things at different prices for different quantities on their website than they sell in store. I also couldn't find half of what I saw on their website. ::loathing::
Necessitating a further foray through the crowds to John Lewis, who also didn't have everything I wanted but did have preposterous queues which I stood in and debated whether I was going to faint and what I'd end up saying to nice ambulance personnel if I did so. Fainting was avoided. I was very hot. I get hotter when I get stressed and I Was Stressed. I was consequently distinctly soggy.
John Lewis also helpfully has those wheely baskets - I am in favour of. Sadly they don't have aisles large enough to accommodate the baskets and other people. ::groan::

This expedition meant I was not in favour of going to Sainsburys for something for dinner so we went to the Cambodian place round the corner. I had too much salt (I think) and having fallen asleep for 2 hours at 9.30pm woke up and then couldn't get back to sleep until gone 2am; because I was Hot and also felt like I'd had all the liquid sucked out of me and my tongue was sticking to the inside of my mouth. I did keep drinking water - but I think I was just sweating it off again.....

Tongue has mostly unstuck itself now.


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Er. Argh. But your tongue did de-stick.

Haven't tried Cambodian, as far as I know. Probably should. ~x~

Anonymous said...

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