Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's all *mine*!

Wah! Argh! Gnash!
They've given my desk to someone else.
At work.
When I last went in they had a temp at my desk; now it obviously has the stuff of one of the other permanent members of staff.
I cried and I still feel pretty damn sick about it. And I'm pissed off for caring about it so much; but I do.
I snuck in today while there would be noone around - and there wasn't fortunately.
I wanted *my* desk back.
Selfish perhaps - you can't really be away for over a year and expect them to preserve your place in exact stasis.
*why* do I have to *care*?
Hate. This.


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Change absolutely sucks. I got terribly upset pretty much every single time I've been told I'm moving desk bar the last move.

I think it's the familiarity of it: if you have to go back, you want it all to be the same and just like it was before, and, preferably, the whole world and everything to be just like it was before you went away.

*hugs*. Come over and eat ice cream at the end of your first day?

And, just think: a year ago, people were talking about the idea of you retiring early. And you haven't. So Nyah! And you aten't dead yet. Here. Have a tissue and *blow*.

Also, best, and very wise, to get the wibbles out of the way beforehand.


Ciorstaidh said...


You'da thunk they'd have told you before they moved someone else there permanently. Bah.
*passes tea and bikkits (and hankie)*

Anonymous said...

Why did I read Ciorstaidh's comment as "passes tea and bikinis" ?! As for the rest of it, SCL says it so much better than me. Especially the bit about being aten't dead.

L xx