Sunday, October 12, 2008

Deed done

Hair is straight. Hair is flat. Hair was attacked by straightening, things - whadjacallems.

It's still below my shoulders - so not *that* much was cut off it.
It has layers - I didn't think I'd have layers, coz, you know - fluffy hair and layers means *pouff*.

But actually, I think there will still be some curls when it *hasn't* been attacked by straightening things - and I won't be doing that because I'm lazy. I mean, I won't be doing that because that would cause the lymphoedema in my arm to flare up, I'm sure.....

I cried while it was cut; I cried after it was cut but mostly underneath the mane of hair whilst it was being cut; so it mostly didn't show.

I kept a few curls - you know - because. I needed to. I'm not sure why.

I cried because I looked a bit like I *used* to look - all that time ago. Apparently the curl will probably continue to grow out and it will go back to how it used to be. I'm sad about that.
But, as the hair came off I kept telling myself it was just change. Just more change. In a life that is full of change. With a person who hates and panics about change.
It's all about how we see ourselves in our mind's eye. And my mind's eye is confused. It sees the person I *was* - maybe it's a patchwork of many of the persons I have been.....and am. All I know is that I am surprised when I see myself in a mirror. That she is not who I am expecting.

Anyway, tis done. And I'm told it looks pretty good (but not so much in my webcam picture):
You're in luck: Sweet Camden Lass has a *much* better picture from yesterday. De voila!


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Photo coming over... We (Damien & I) think you're terrifically brave. Having your hair cut, and all that travelling, to have your hair cut, and just based on my enthusing about my hairdresser.


Sepha said...

I *think* you mean - we think you're slightly mad.....
But actually I mean - I trust you :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the second picture is so *so* much better than the first. And you look beautiful with the new hair cut!

L xx

Ciorstaidh said...

It does look fabulous :)

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