Friday, May 30, 2008

What do we want?!

For the record, I'm sure I said "I love you all but I *have* to go finish scrubbing my carpet!" not 'want' - there was definitely no wanting being experienced whatsoever - apart from wanting to *go home*...... at any rate, that was what I intended to say -- sometimes the words coming out of my mouth are, um, not quite what I wanted to say! :)
Have now slept muchly and, mostly, unpacked - I haven't quite decided what to do with my four cardboard dragons.....tricky that.
However, now I must go and pack for the wedding I'm going to tomorrow -which I'm sure will be lovely and tortuous at the same time. Tortuous because I'm sure I'm going to end up all weep, weep, cancer, why don't I get to do these nice, normal things like my friends, bit more weeping for good measure. SO, excellent, have got all that planned out nicely.
I'm also quietly rejoicing in the fact that three of my Guides went to the County Guide holiday in the Peak District whilst I was on Pack Holiday and have come back with good reports of behaviour etc. Compared to last year this is a *major* improvement and I am *Very* *Pleased*. It must be me - I wasn't there this year, so they behave - I was there last year and they were menaces about whom every adult complained, including me.
So, yes, clothing, for wearing and some makeup, and I have no hairpins and no tights despite thinking I did. Brilliant. lalalalalalalalala la


Sweet Camden Lass said...

I think that the new regime of You Will Behave At Guides is working. Huzzah!

I know there's room in that handbag for tissues, and make sure that your Dear Other has a proper handkerchief. *hugs*

Looking forward to the piccy of you in your finery.


Dorothy said...

Good morning Buffalo New York time. Just had my fifth Chemo treatment..if all goes well only one more June 30th. Its been guite a drill.

I'm not wearing a wig..I wear baseball caps. And I'm on steroids so been up most the night.

Hope all is well with you..

Hugs...Dorothy from grammology
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