Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I hate CT scans

Well, I don't seem to be able to shake the sense of doom about my CT results. After all this worry; I hope the results *are* back......I think. There's no room in my head for a 'good' result; I'm assuming the worst - just as a safety precaution really, I have nothing to base than on. Other than the fact my body can't handle as much of the Xeloda as it once could. Now perhaps that means I should expect the results to be good - as the Xeloda has obviously been having a strong effect - but is it just the side effects? I don't know; I can't know; I should just wait until tomorrow. But I can't.

Add in to this that the Dear Other's cousin died last week - she had breast cancer but they did not spot her mets fast enough. She deteriorated quite quickly apparently. The Dear Other and I are upset - she was a lovely lady and her son was due to get married in just a month's time. So unfair. We reassured each other that I was not her; and neither of us were going anywhere..... I hope what I said was true. I then had a 'woe is me', 'what is the point?', 'how does religion fit in with this?' with the Dear Other's Vicar - he was very tolerant. Not overly helpful - but what help can there actually be? ::sigh:: At least he didn't run away screaming I suppose!

Then we went to Coton Manor Gardens and saw flamingoes and their lovely bluebell wood
This is their picture - not mine; I'd forgotten my camera entirely....doh!
Very beautiful; very romantic, 'isn't this romantic?' I said to the Dear Other; 'Oh, yes', he said.
But not romantic enough to encourage any proposals apparently.
The bluebells will be gone soon.

Tomorrow - clinic - CT results (probably) - knowing more about what's happening whether I want to or not. Tomorrow - funeral for the Dear Other's cousin. I can't go as I'm at the hospital. Dear Other can't come to the hospital with me and reassure himself. Fortunately for me, my papa will be there with me - thank heavens for papa's! And he's very good at calm and collected - which I need sitting in that corridor.
So, panic stations, all! That's an order!

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

I'm sad to hear about the cousin. And her son, and his bride too. It all stinketh.

All parts of anatomy will be firmly crossed tomorrow. And I'll be at Muster Stations (I associate Panic Stations with SH, which makes them even worse). Papas are quite wonderful when you need them, aren't they?

I keep getting snippets of Dad's Army in my head....Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring (and they never were all doomed, which is sort of comforting).

*hugs* Bluebells never last long enough: 'cept in memory.