Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blown over

*Good* *Lord*
I have survived - 4 days of brownie pack holiday, that is....
There has been endless whining, falling in and out of friends, rain, brownies who cannot sit at the dinner table for more than 5 minutes, sayings of 'Be Quiet!'.
I have also *scrubbed* a carpet, whilst seething and ignoring the fact I shouldn't be doing things like that with my right hand and arm (of which the hand is somewhat puffy today ::sigh::)
An extremely picky warden at the pack holiday house wanted every minuscule wisp of blue fabric off the floor and also apparently expected us to feed brownies only food that won't show up on the carpet tiles when it's dropped; which, inevitably it will be. So I did the job - trying to mostly to scrub with my left hand and thinking of all the retorts I'd like to make to her. Sweat dripping off me - hoorah! Very nice effect - whilst thinking I probably shouldn't have been doing it but on the other hand thinking "I'm not dead yet" and being extremely stubborn. Which is my natural state anyway. My hand will go down - I'll put my sleeve and gauntlet-thing on for a few days and knit as much as I can - I think the knitting motions help to move the lymph fluid out. And hey! I spent the weekend doing tons of things that they say I'm not supposed to do - washing up in (very) hot water, dragging tables and chairs around, hefting shopping around. Life goes on - but life's too damn short for fussing - I want a sign that says "I Aten't Dead" - I think that's funny - I have a strange sense of humour. A fact that will probably be borne out by those who put up with me for the last 5 days. That, and the fact that I'm not a whole heap of fun when I've just woken up...... ;)
Oh, and apparently I'm officially Better Company Than Cleaning Toilets. Just so those of you who haven't met me in person get a real sense of what I'm like. I hope this is filling you with enthusiasm for meeting me ;) [BTW - I will be laughing at this for evermore!]
There were other funny things - but I am too tired to remember them; which is a drag - I mean, if I can't remember something for more than 24 hours, what the hell am I? A goldfish?!
I can, however, remember GFI Snogging -but am totally unable to explain that to anyone who wasn't there at the time.....
I had some lovely times - I've laughed myself silly most evenings and am so grateful for that - it's been lovely to get to know a few people a little bit better. I'm a slow friend-maker but I think the friendships are better that way.
And friendships are what Guiding is all about (well, apart from all the other things Guiding is about anyway)
::raising glass [of water]::


Ciorstaidh said...

Hurrah! Well, yah boo sux to the warden, but hurrah for surviving and for doing things you 'shouldn't' -- meh, if you want to do it, then yay :-)

I may 'accidentally' have mentioned the out of date Insurance on guidinguk...oops? *shines halo*

laurie said...

Yay for Brownies and friends and laughing (and boo for folks who rent out space to children and then expect that nothing will fall on the floor!).

Anonymous said...

As one liners go - I think "I love you all, but I want to go back and scrub my carpets" is up there with the best of them !

L xx

(Who is thinking up activities for GFI Snogging).

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Are we sorted on t-shirts? You can have "I aten't dead" and I'll have "Bad Brown Owl". And then we'll be sorted.

We should have swopped: oven cleaner and I are not a good combination... both of us are too stubborn for our own good.

On the other hand, it's good to be aten't dead and stubborn. It reminds you you're alive. And I really appreciate it. Quick burst of 'Alive, alert, awake'?


Anonymous said...

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