Friday, June 06, 2008


I keep thinking - do I have anything left to say? Or anything that isn't the same thing again and again?
It's taken me this amount of time to get to a point of saying how sad I am that Pocketina of DIYnotDie has taken down her site. I understand why she has; or at least I see reasons why she might do so. I think she needed to move on to a non-cancer part of life and her blog was tying her down to cancer, holding it her back as it were. So, was she brave enough to recognise that and to be able to press that delete button? I'm really in awe of that. It's something that I considered before my cancer had come back - I wondered if writing on this blog was actually stopping me from leaving cancer behind and whether I didn't want to move on. So when it was back I was a little bewildered - had I, in a way, caused it to come back? Had my unwillingness to move away from cancer let it take root again - had it felt wanted? But of course, all those thoughts are mush and meaningless. So, Pocketina - I'm really going to miss her; you. I appreciated all the support she gave me and I took courage from her kick-ass attitude. And part of me wishes she'd left her blog archives up - as a resource for other people going through these things. There were loads of great links up there; stuff about Lymphoedema as well as breast cancer. And fascinating things to do with craft and knitting - and the mastectomy scar tattoo's! But, I guess it would have been harder to walk away knowing that it was all still there - and maybe the deleting was a symbolic act of moving on and away. Most of all I hope it works for her - I hope it lets her run into the rest of the world; to sit more comfortably amongst the non-cancerness; to let cancer recede into the background. I really wish her that. Because I feel better knowing people have made it out of this corral.


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I had exactly the same reaction as you to P'tina's 'retirement.' I understand completely why she feels the need to move on but I will miss her - she is a real inspirational force!
And also sad in that we don't get to move on....
Blogging is still a wonderful, healthy, helpful process for me, though and I will keep writing. And I hope you do too. Big hug...L.