Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I am de-ported.....hahahahahhahaha

Not funny?

Anyway, the deed is done; the damn thing is removed and I have a handy dandy portocath-in-a-bag souvenir on my coffee table to enthrall all who come by.... :)
Yes, I am that weird - I've kept my portocath. I managed to engage enough brain to say 'yes' I wanted to keep it whilst sedated.....

But, sedation! That's another jolly story! The surgeon and his shadow came by to consent me at about 8.45 (we'd been there since 7.30 - for why? I have no idea) and said 'you don't really want sedation, do you' in that tone of voice that says 'we don't want to sedate you, say no'. I went all blathery and said words to the efect of 'yes, I jolly well do! You bugger!' And he looked *VERY* put-out. And then made me wait until 11am before they did the actual surgery and then they made me wait around to be discharged and get prescriptions for pain-killers until 4.30pm - at which point the nurse said that they'd gone home and only one dr was around and he was busy and that I could take my own paracetamol or ibuprofen if I wanted to go. Which was what I'd been saying since tea-and-toast at 1.30pm......

Still, a very nice anaesthetist sedated me and put up with me saying outrageous things like 'if this doesn't work and I'm aware of what's going on then I'm coming to find you later'....ahhh, threats - nothing like threatening your medical staff for good service, is there? Still, he was game and replyed that I should do that :) There was also a very nice theatre nurse - Ann-Marie I think, and just made me feel better.

I cried again in recovery - it's either something about coming out of that unconscious state or a side-effect from the anaesthetic stuff that makes me cry. I cried before I was even conscious after the mastectomy and I cried this time. I suppose it was also partly that this was the same place I came round both of the other times and I was crying a bit for some of those too.

Anyway, I'm in one piece, stitches come out a week today - I asked him very nicely to do a super-duper job so I'm hoping the scar won't stretch as much as my other scars..... :( It's uncomfy but not *painful* (hey, nothing's painful after taxotere pain and arm cording!) I've been hiding out and sleeping but back to work tomorrow - at home! I love me some short weeks!


Morgancyr said...

Hi, I'm one of the Port-a-cath searchers, but your blog gave me some good info. I am currently in a Michigan hospital waiting for my blood cultures to come back clean so I can start a bone marrow transplant. I apparently had an infection in my tunneled line catheter, so they had to pull it out and then put something else in for the transplant. I hope they put in a port, it seems like less of a hastle-I haven't been able to have a good bath or swim for weeks. Anyway, I hope all is excellent with you. Have fun in Peru, I'm going to Hawaii after all this is done. I've got some kayaking to do.

pocketina said...

"'yes, I jolly well do! You bugger!'"

Amen for the voice of the patient! I love it!

Glad you're over that hurdle: did you ever contemplate keeping your port as a memento? I kinda wanted to keep one of my drains, until I saw the beggar (After they yanked it out of me)

Sepha said...

Morgancyr - good luck with the transplant - glad I could offer some helpful info. Kayaking and Hawaii sound like something that'll keep you focused on getting better!

Pocketina - I *have* kept my port - and so far have been carrying it around with me....yes, I am weird.

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