Friday, March 09, 2007

Cast On

Wanna hear a little something I wrote?
Follow the yellow brick road - I mean, the link, to Cast on
Never listened to Cast On? Shame on you! I'm a fan, although I'm terribly behind in my listening which is why I only recently discovered that Brenda had used the piece that I emailed her. That is, by the way, *not* my voice - it's decidedly too other-side-of-the-Atlantic to be me despite my US roots.
My piece is towards the end of the podcast so you'll have to listen to the lovely Brenda Dayne on the way - I promise you it won't be a waste of your time and there's three whole series-worth to listen to if you've some time on your hands. I very must enjoyed the series on the Muses - especially Episode 23 on Urania (I think it was that one) - So listen! Listen to me, listen to Brenda, listen and, as the lady says, "Knit like the wind!".

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pocketina said...

You naughty! You linked to the wrong episode...should be Ep.36, "Bling" rather than Ep.37.

And...that did me a lot of good, since I have not listened to Cast On for a very long time, and it was nice to get caught up with it.

It was funny listening to your words, but not your voice, even though I don't know what that sounds like! I'm very glad that Brenda made an audio file of your email, because it was quite beautiful & would never have reached so many people if she hadn't.
I have to say, you do have quite a gift for writing about sentiment without lapsing into sentimentality.