Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Winning and winning

Wow - I was so excited about winning something in NaBloPoMo - mostly because I really was not expecting to. I never expected to get that email in my inbox or see my blog-name on Fussy, so I've felt a little bit bad reading some of the comments on the Winners post on Fussy.
Now, I'm not calling you all a big bunch of whiners - really! I'm not! (That wasn't the great British sarcasm either) And I'm sure most comments were for humour but I did feel a teensy bit bad that some people felt left out. Would I have felt left out if it hadn't been me? Well, I probably would have felt vindicated in my 'I never win anything, the world is against me, I had cancer after all' gray thoughts - but because that's where my doldrum-my life is at the moment I wouldn't have been surprised. Consequently, I am still quietly, excitedly, pleased. And I get a little smile and I do that thing where you raise your shoulders, grin and kind of wriggle....Hmm, that really is a physical 'thing' not a wordy 'thing', isn't it? All I can say is, follow the instructions: try it out and you'll get what I mean (You will! I promise!). And hey, it is just a t-shirt - a super-duper red Fussy t-shirt to be sure - but it wasn't a bazillion dollars, or something....(unless I can sell it on ebay - can I sell it on ebay? NO! Joke. I am looking forward to wearing it, my good self.)

In other news - my oncology consultant says I am 'normal' - I am bizarrely insulted by this - I want to be 'special' not 'normal'. But, on the other hand it does mean that I'm beating back the beast and for that I am truly grateful. I'd sell my soul to the devil for that, I'd sell my Fussy t-shirt to the devil for that. If being 'normal' forever means I can say I played with cancer and won then I'll take it. Thank you Alison! She always reassures me.


Kim said...

I'm so glad you won something! Congratulations!

I have not yet read the comments on Fussy, but will be heading over to do so soon. I didn't feel bad about not winning anything...but then again, I knew I wouldn't. Not because the universe hates me, but just because I have never in my life won anything in a contest. So, it no longer bothers is just a fact of my life! I have "Won" lots of other things, like a great family, delightful get the picture :)

Glad to hear you are normal...but normal is only a doctor talking...I think "Special" is much more appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win!