Sunday, December 03, 2006

Eat, drink and be merry

I think I'm worried about the kittens....that's why I still feel obliged to post.

The dinner, well - it could have been better. It would definitely have been better if we'd made sure the vicar and his wife realised that we'd moved before the day of the dinner....whoops! I may have suggested this at some point over the last week. Hmmm. Yes.
The food did not turn out as well as I would have liked - although I did make Panna Cotta for the first time and that did turn out nicely but the Poor Man's Cassoulet was nowhere nearly as nice as the last time I made it.....maybe it was different sausages, but it should have been *richer* tasting than it turned out. I don't know. Pah.

We also finished the moving and Sibi came and cleaned out the old house - hooray! I was glad we managed to get that done so she could clean everywhere; otherwise it would have been us having to do it next weekend and I can think of other things I'd rather do! (Or, need to do) Such as getting set for our mulled wine and mincepie drop-in in a couple of weeks. Argh! Why do I think these things are a good idea!?
Now I have to make gazillions of mince pies.....

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