Friday, September 01, 2006

Radio trauma-rama

Class night.

I woke up at 4.30 with 'the hots'. Whilst fumbling for my chillow and waving pillows around I managed to knock over a half-full pint glass of water (Water! People! Water! I don't do the booze!). And I knocked it all over a) my pillows and my side of the bed, b) thd radio alarm clock and c) the bedside table and 'the gap' - you know, that space *between* the bed and the bedside table that is a useful cache for those things that won't fit *on* the bedside table. Mine was the repository for those big clear plastic bags full of anti-sickness medications, steroids and painkillers that I used to come away from the chemosuite, post-chemo, with.

["Hi! I'm Emily, I have cancer and I rattle when I walk!" Last year was *great* - NOT]

So currently, 'the gap' has my useful A4 notebook for planning and writing, an Asterix book (of course!), a box of 100 soluble paracetamol (they didn't have any smaller boxes in Morrisons pharmacy and it's a stupid size!)

So, I spent a happy, groggy 20 minutes with a towel drying off those things plus the stuff on the *top* of the bedside table (too. much. stuff.) including the clock which was rather damp too. Went back to sleep eventually.

Woke up - later than the alarm time - radio is making strange hissing sound. Whoops.
I play with the volume control - louder hissing. I tip it up - AHHA - if I stand it on its side then it plays!! (Of course!) So I leave it on and have a bath and get ready - now I'm ready to leave - it won't turn off!! Classy! No matter which way I tip it. So I've had to leave it singing and talking away to itself - BBC Radio 2 all day.

Class night.

The tales, they do get better....

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Terri said...

I'm not sure how I "found" my way here - just clicking around I guess. I was reading your posts and one on Radiotherapy really struck me. I was just imagining lying down with my hands over my head, naked from the waist up, as you described, and I practically started to cry. AND, I don't have cancer!!! What a vulnerable position to be in. For any woman.

I live in the US and have medical issues but none as serious as cancer. My aunt has breat cancer and fortunately has lots of $$. It's allowed her to have treatment and medication most (like me) would never be able to afford here.

Anyway, just wanted to say "hello" and wish you the very best possible with your treatment. I'm 53 with a 27 year old son and the thought of him being sick is almost more than I can bear to think about. My father died last year of oral cancer. He was only 67 and it was a tremendous loss for us. Take care..I'll be around and reading more.