Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may have noticed a slight change to your usual service.....
I know the pink is alarming and slightly sick-making but, rest assured, it's only temporary.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I've gone pink slightly in advance. It will only be pink for the duration - I promise!

You know the drill: know your breasts, check your breasts, throw embarrasment to the winds and show 'em off to your GP if you're worried, don't smoke, birth control pills are not your friend, eat healthily and bear in mind that the earlier you start your family and the longer you breastfeed, the better (less exposure to oestrogen during your lifetime). Not doing these things doesn't mean you'll get cancer - these are just a few known factors that *can* (not will) help to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer. But remember that 1 in 9 women will get breast cancer at some time. The brilliant news is that there is loads of money going into research and treatment of breast cancer and if it's spotted early enough then the survival rate is very good. Be proactive!
And above all: noone is too young for breast cancer. Cancer does not respect your lack of age; in fact, it doesn't respect a damn thing. If a doctor tries to fob you off with the 'you're too young to have BC' line then you tell them you know someone who had breast cancer when they were 27.

Here are some of the sources out there who I've had help from over the last 18 months:
Breast Cancer Care

London Haven
Cancer Bacup
Lavender Trust

Lots of them have lovely things on sale or links to items being sold to raise money for research and care of people with breast cancer. So, if you fancy lavender wellies or pink gardening gloves or any number of other things, you can help them to support people like me.


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