Friday, December 19, 2008

Just ring! - Or actually, don't. Piss off.

They'll insure me as a one-off as a gesture of goodwill this time but underwriting changes all the time and I can try them in the future but they may not insure me (i.e won't insure me). Because they're not set up for helping people with metastases just people who've had cancer but are better now.

So there.

And it's not because I have cancer it's because I'm going to the U.S.A. - except of course, it *is* because of the cancer - because if I didn't have cancer they'd insure me.

I've had this underlying feeling this would be the last Christmas I'd have in the States. Perhaps I was right.

Oh hey! Merry Christmas! Have a great one!

Ickety waiting for the Travel Insurance people to call me back and say if they're going to insure me or not.
The relevant person is only on the end of an email or something and I've been waiting for nearly 3 hours. Which is silly - they insured me a month ago for Thanksgiving - nothing has changed since then. There is no reason why they shouldn't be able to do it. I just have to wait until the supervisor ok's it.
So why am I researching other Insurance companies?.....

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Ciorstaidh said...

{{hugs}} hope you didn't need those quotes from other places. Horrible travel insurers.