Monday, July 21, 2008

Where oh where are *my* diamante stilettos?

I was on the bus the other day and a girl went by me, talking on her mobile phone. She was obviously discussing an upcoming holiday judging by what she later said about suitcases. As she passed me I couldn't help but hear her say "well, it's my shoes I'm most worried about - I'm bringing all my diamante stilettos"
And my brain, it boggled.
My brain said "huh, I don't even own *one* pair of diamante stilettos; or diamante anything for that matter." and then my brain said, "huh, I would never have thought *anyone* would ever need more than one pair of diamante stilettos." and *then* my brain though "and I'm pretty certain I'll always be able to find something to worry about more than I worry about packing shoes."
The end.
I keep starting to write posts and then giving up - I'm not sure why. Nothing urgent to say, I suppose.
So, I didn't mean to worry anyone; and thank you for nice emails and messages to check that I'm OK. I am OK for now and am looking forward to going away on holiday for a couple of weeks at the end of this week.
::hugs:: to all.


Sweet Camden Lass said...


We are going to have a Guiders' evening/sleepover to create diamante shoes and other accessories.

I think that would appeal to almost everyone.


SarahD said...

ah, diamonté stillettos! A girl can never have too many pairs...

OK, that's blatantly not true, at least not for this girl!! I don't even know how to spell diamonté, let alone walk in a pair of stilettos. It's so funny to think of you sitting there with all these thoughts popping into your head though! I wonder what the other people on the bus where thinking? "Stilettos?? She has diamonté STILETTOS?? That jammy little... where can I get a pair??" (the 5 year old girl with the ringlets and angelic stare behind you) or "Oh, that's reminded me, I need to get MY diamontés re-glued, some of them have started coming loose from my fave thigh-high boots..." (the city-suited man to your left).

Anyway, it's lovely to hear from you. (Isn't it strange how sometimes day-to-day things are the hardest to start writing about.)

Have a fab holiday! x